Tappered Bits Tool Library

Ive seen this question asked different ways but really cant find a straight answer. Ive tried searching it several different ways. I have a bit very similar to one pictured in the following post

Tip is 1/16" ball. Tapers up to just under 1/4" (.020") approximately 1" up the shank. If my memory is correct in doing math it makes angle between 5-10 degrees. Been about 30 years since my last Trigonometry class.

In adding to Carbide Create tool library I am thinking to do it as follows:

Type Vee Mill

Diameter 0.020
Flute Length 1.00
Angle per side 5.00
Number of Flutes 4

Is this correct way to enter this bit?

Hello…is there anyone out there? Any help or advice from someone using tapered bits would be awesome. Again Ive tried to check all the posts here and with G-Wizard. Ive seen question asked but no straight answer. Not sure if there is one.

On the really fine tip tapered bits .25/.5 I am thinking about using calipers to determine thickness at the depth it will be cutting and create a new tool with that diameter as a endmill…thoughts??

Would be nice to have it properly entered so CC could see its use in VEE cuts as well as contour… Crossing fingers for that being in the PRO version

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I’m afraid that Carbide Create doesn’t support such endmills.

My suggestion would be to do the math to calculate diameter at intended max cut depth (don’t measure w/ calipers, risk of damaging the cutting edge) and enter as a ball-nosed endmill with that diameter.

Then, I believe one can enter such tooling into CAMotics and get a reasonably accurate preview — based on that you should be able to decide if it’s worth trying the cut or no.

Best option for unsupported tooling is either manually coding toolpaths using a tool such as https://tplang.org/ (see https://wiki.shapeoko.com/index.php/Programming for other options), or finding a tool which does support the geometries in question. Not sure if Carbide Create will ever be that tool — check in on the wish list thread: Carbide Create Pro- What do you want to see?

I just did a cut in mahogany yesterday with a Shapeoko with HDZ and a Whiteside SC64 1/16D Tip so it’s similar in size to what you are looking at. I generated the gcode in vcarve pro and did do a roughing pass with an 1/4" EM first so you may want to do it differently without a roughing pass.

The speeds and feeds I used for that tapered end mill are in the screen shot below and I bumped the speed up 10% more while it was running.

Right off the machine


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