Terrain relief models - Fusion 360

Hi chaps

I’m looking to do some terrain relief models again but am having a mind blank.

I’ve read

I also have


I’ve generated my STL, imported it in fusion 360 and the file is huge 25mb. At this stage I need to shrink it before I convert it from mesh to Brep to run the cam setup.

Any ideas on the best way to scale it. Right now it’s something like 10m wide and I’m trying to make a 3" model…


Are you set on using Fusion 360? I was not satisfied with the results I have been able to achieve with the “DEM data to STL file to F360 to BREP…” workflow. I have had much better, faster, easier results going from DEM data to a high-resolution heightmap to CAM.

I’ve been too busy with too many things to get around to doing a full rework of my how to, but give me a couple hours this morning (Baton Rouge, LA, US time) and I’ll remedy that.


Yeah, I’m in the same situation as @Luke. I’ve got a terrain map I want to make and am letting it sit on the back burner since you said you were going to redo your process. I appreciate you doing this and sharing your information!

When I said “a couple hours this morning”, I was apparently grossly underestimating, but I’m over nine typewritten pages in so far and pretty much through with the initial QGIS half. :sweat_smile:

(I’m making detailed stepwise documentation that hopefully will make it both easy to follow directly and, like Alton Brown’s Good Eats, enlightening enough to be able to wander on your own path with an idea of how things actually work. Also, trying to make it modular, so you can choose your own adventure through the various components of potential workflows.)


Hahaha! That sounds about right, especially given the detail of the last time you wrote it all out.

Good Eats!?! I can tell you’re a cultured man who has good taste (pun intended).

You think that was detailed? May I present…


Wow, I think I need to excuse myself from my meetings for the next 3 hours so I can read this.

Scratch that, I think I’m sick today…

It took far longer to write documentation than it did to make this today (counting everything from driving to Home Depot for a 2x12 all the way through the Nth coast of lacquer). The “pocket” in the surface of the 2x12 was 400mm tall by 275mm wide by 30mm deep, for a finished piece about 10.5" by 15.5".

The model is of the Presidential Traverse region of the White Mountains in New Hampshire (i.e. Mount Washington and vicinity), and I made this one by request of a friend. Fun fact for this piece is that I’m required by Louisiana law to charge him for it, since he works for our park system and just giving him “a thing of value” (i.e. basically anything) would be a violation of the state Ethics Code. Anyone know what the fair market value might be? :laughing:


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