Text outline carve help

I’m trying to carve a sign for work on my onefinity. I’m very new to cnc and the design aspect of it. I’m carving hdpe two color plastic sheet and want the lettering to have a chamfered edge. I did a pocket tool path for the letters with a o flute Amana bit and the simulation looks great. But when I try to carve the outline of each letter I get all screwed up. Anybody know how to achieve this?

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Try an Advanced V carve toolpath? (you’ll need a BitSetter, or to split the file:



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Check out this thread where I vcarved two-color HDPE plastic sheets

You can use Advanced V-carving like Will said, but depending on the size of your letters and the look you are trying to achieve, a regular varve may do.

The thing with HDPE is that it likes (very) high feedrates, because plastic melts so easily.
Use low RPMs, bump the feedrate (it is counterintuitive but it will grant cleaner results). If you get strings of plastics rather than chips, you are not going fast enough