Texture files for Pro?

Will there be a library of texture files to use in CC Pro? I’m trying to get this all figured out and it just isn’t coming together for me yet. The posts/videos I’ve seen say to just select any file to add the texture, but I haven’t seen where these files should come from or like a best use practice yet.

Any suggestions?

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You can use pretty much any pixel images — please play around with the feature and post examples of paired images and resulting textures and we’ll all explore this together.

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You can use JPG or PNG pictures like a brick wall, rain drops on a window, wood grain, etc. Just use Google to search texture.

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if you want to carve, say, the Mount Hood vulcano, grab something like

and carve it out, say a 5x5x1 piece of wood

(turns out that without TOO much hassle you can grab any area in the united states like this)

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there is a good free texture generator here : - Just turn saturation down to get greyscale textures, change the intensity to get more or less 3d effect and download the PNG file.


A lot will work well with Carbide Create - some won’t…


And with just a little hassle to get the hang of things the first time, you can really go to town (as documented thoroughly in another thread).


Is there a “correct” way to get the images imported into CC Pro? I’ve been trying all afternoon to get something imported using the “Import External File” and nothing every opens up or shows up. It has to be something simple that I’m doing wrong, but I’ve tried .svg, .png, .jpg and I can’t get anything to come up.

I just tried and I’m also having problem trying to import texture, I was able I tried 414 and 415 for Mac. I select the area I want my texture to appear then press the texture button and pick my JPG/PNG and nothing happens but I can import the same file using the import but it is not defined within a particular element. I was able to import a texture previously.

I used the first few steps of that other thread, but with CCPro the workflow is actually MUCH MUCH simpler now…


go to usgs website, find the IMG file (as per that document)
import into QGIS
export to PNG (do not bother with selecting the area etc etc as the document describes)
open the PNG in gimp, there you select the area and crop
save cropped PNG from gimp
open in CCPro

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Ah, but what you describe has always been that simple. The entire purpose of the workflow as documented is to create terrain relief models to scale, including elevation. Exporting a PNG and cropping in gimp will give you the general shape, but you lose your scale.

For such artistic models, the workflow has always been much abbreviated. :smile:


Are there directions for adding the texture file? I’m trying to use the Texture button in 415 and nothing comes up.

Click on the button, navigate to where the file is (I believe only PNGs are supported?) and okay.

That is the process I was following and nothing came up. I drew a basic square, selected it for the texture to be in the square, selected Texture, selected the PNG file and OK. I’m currently using 415.

Yep I have the same issue with texture on my Mac 414 and 415 but it works for import file.

Neither the Import or the Texture will bring anything in to the file for me. I’ve tried it both when I have the square selected and also when I don’t. Sure wish I could figure it out.


The texture .png/.jpg files will no longer import on new Update CC 415

Doing the same process as before to add texture, once selected nothing happens.

I’m picking the same file used for quick tuturial for Andrew827


Thank you for confirming this for me. This is what I expected all along, but I wanted someone who had done it already to confirm it.


I thought it’d give Carbide Create a try after giving up a couple years ago. My reason was to try the texture tool. I ran into the same problem.

Texture is working on the CC 413 release on the stable page


We found the problem, it’ll be fixed in the next release (416).