The bar my router goes up and down is upside down

I just bought a new Shapeoko 3 and I am trying to home it in, but it is telling me it can not find the limit switch. When I hit the button for it to so I get the [Error 9 Homing Cycle Failed], because the router keeps traveling downward and it looks like the pole it goes up and down on is upside down. What can I do to fix the problem?

Please send the Grbl and Machine Configurations:

If that doesn’t help, contact

Thank you, I never thought about using the negative numbers. I will give that a try.

I contacted support and I am still waiting for them but here is the next problem: Homing cycle failed pull out didn’t clear.

Where did you get negative numbers out of that?

Have you sent the machine and Grbl configurations?

On image 2 I thought those x and y numbers were negatives.

I don’t think I have sent the machine and GRBL configurations. How do you do that?

I meant it was image 3.

See the link:

I did all of that and the only thing that happened is that the spindle moved up a fraction of an inch.

Please contact — verify that you have sent the correct machine and Grbl configuration, and let us know step-by-step what the machine does when you attempt to initialize it when the machine is not on a homing switch.

I will do that. Thanks.

I ran into this issue and can not recall which of the following it related to.
First one was I managed to swap the X and Z homing sensors around when I connected them to the controller so double check that.
The other was I use a MacBook, I have an old 13" connected to the Shapeoko but I have a more recent 16" which I connected using a usb-c to usb adaptor and it did not like that at all. I purchased a usb-c to usb-b cable and that does work so be cautious of any adaptors in line.

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I think I found the problem. I removed the face plate and saw that there were two screws in the middle of the plate preventing the spindle behind it from twisting up and down the riser bar. I tested it out and the noise was gone, but if I put the plate back on that piece, it is too wide to spin freely, especially if I put the two screws back in it. I still get the Homing Cycle Failed too, because it could not find the limit switch.
So right now I am stuck. I don’t know what to do. If I put the face back on I will hear the grinding again or the spindle just stays at the bottom spinning and does not travel up. What do I do?

Please contact and send us a photo showing the difficulty

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I figured things out.

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