The Proximity Sensor upgrade thread

I figure I’m not the only woodworker to get the itch to try the Prox Sensor upgrade, so I’ll post the upgrade process here, in three easy steps. I’m on step three.

  1. Buy Proximity sensors to replace your hard limit switches. They’re cheap. I bought these:

  2. Realize Prox Sensors are 3-wire, and the limit switches the machines come with are 2wire. Panic. Ask anyone who will listen for help.

  3. Find great people willing to help out on here, and show em what you’ve got to work with.

I have done a bit basic electronics soldiering, but just to put tiny broken connectors back together, I don’t have an ohmmeter or any idea of what goes to what. Here are some pics of my Nomads board, to hopefully find a 5v power source for three sensors:

connectors here;

instructions here;


Thank you for that link! I’ve also got an S3 to wire up so that’ll help with that.

As for the little patch cable in the Beav’s kit, I searched Ama/eBay forever but ultimately found those exact parts poking around in a drawer on the electronics bench of my university, same color & everything, but if you mean the big blocky connectors, I just reused the ones on the machine, by depressing the flared ends of the wires through the little access windows on them.

If you just need a couple I’ll see if I can poke around in the magical mystery bench and probably send you a couple. My course fees should have paid for about ten thousand of them.

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