The Ups & Downs - Installing the HDZ

I received my HDZ today around noon time. Just going through the installation instructions as it gets progressed.

The Shims. The instructions say " Shims - Please fit it with the bubble side up i.e. on the left and not in the right. If your V-wheels are not turning freely check this washer.". This comment should have been placed at the beginning of the V-wheels instructions instead of the ends. Even though I had it right, the comment made me re-check the washers.

Now, I’m completely stuck on the X & Z limit switches. Using the existing bracket for the X limit switch & attaching it to the 2 threaded holes on the right side as the instructions say, this put the switch higher than the end-plate where it’s supposed to make contact. I cannot flip the bracket and make the switch on the bottom instead of the top because of the V-Wheel.
For the Z limit switch, I have no clue where would the included bracket get attached to?

Also, I’m using the Carbide Compact Router tell I receive the 800Watt Spindle Kit that I just ordered. Attaching the existing spindle mount to the EZTram Mount, the 2 screws are not flushed in. The screws heads are sticking out a little, causing the EZTram Mount not to be flushed when mounted as instructed.

Sincerely appreciate your help lads.

for the Z limit switches, you need to put the metal plate just below the Z motor (I’attached a picture at Beaver products for both X and Z limit);
another thing, the screw that came with the Z limit switches you cannot reuse, there is a new screw for in the HDZ kit that is shorter.

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One more thing that is very weird, I don’t have the “Use HDZ Option” in Carbide Motion Settings. All what I have is the machine list, where I picked XXL. Then the “Send Config. Data” button.

make sure you have at least version 4.17!


I just re-DL & installed new. Still the same. Software Version says 4.0.416 though.

I was able to get build 417 using your link. The latest version available from Carbide is build 416 which doesn’t support HDZ. I think this should of been addressed in the instructions, and specially to people who ordered the HDZ. Also, it states it’s a Development Build and to use at your own risk.

At it says:

The HDZ is supported by CM 4.0.17 onwards - do not try to use an older version.

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The switches activate on different things than the stock ones do. Look at the pictures in the instructions closely and it will make more sense.

Given the HDZ is an official C3D product now, when will CM 4.17 become considered a stable release? The “development build” is dated July 2 and has limited changes from 4.16.




Anyone know how I can download CM 4.0.417?

Finishing with my HDZ install and can’t find the necessary software to be able to use it!

Yeah the link above appears to be broken. @WillAdams ?

CM417 is in beta:


The product seems to work fine, but I had to search and finally find (with this thread) the 417 release. I’m a bit disappointed that there wasn’t a note in the store product description and the box of where to find the appropriate (beta) software.

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I’m still using CM 318 because I am lazy and have not upgraded to GRBL 1.1 and CM 4xx. I just use a 1.25" aluminum spacer on top of my HDZ and re-home if I need to use the bottom portion of travel.

Again, yes, I know I am lazy. . . :slight_smile:

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Perfect heading for this topic. UPS AND DOWNS
I just installed my HDZ yesterday on my XL. I was so excited but then it started to unravel before my eyes. I get sent a new design HDZ, great, but instructions so out dated and confusing. Come on how long does it take to update a document with pictures and update the web page.

Then excited again, got it finally done, then realize 417 Carbide Motion is not available. Now that was not cool. The instruction, only use 417, nothing below that, ok great. No link no nothing telling me where its at. It took a search and a user forum to realize, the code is still in beta, so uncool.

If you going to put out a product, support it, the beta site say, use at own risk may not work, really. Paying $450 with a disclaimer that it might not work, really.

Come on Carbide your growing in the wrong direction, your attention to detail is lacking in customer support for the products you are putting out. Attention to detail in documentation to make your customer experience needs to be a priority not a burden. You are growning which is cool but your focus is not there on the quality aspects. So disapointed in the attention to detail.

So when a stable version of CM coming out. I use mine for production and hit it hard.
Help us out Carbide

I won’t defend Carbide but CM V417 is an interim version, CM is being re-written at the moment to support new products and a change in user interface. No mention of when it will be released but cryptic posts point to a new product release sometimes in October. I suspect that releasing the new version would spill the beans on the new products. While “unstable” there are several people using 417 and I don’t think that there were many issues reported here.

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I use UGS with my HDZ on a S3XL. I love it. The C3D touch probe works with it too.

Here is my machine settings file to help you get started. You’ll have to calibrate it to your setup.

firmware_2019-09-25 (1.8 KB)


Thanks for the reply, nice to see user taking care of each other. I like carbide, just there initial customer service/documentation needs some real work. WIsh they would be a little forth coming on what to expect. Saying fully support but then its a beta release, which is a use at own risk statement is shown. This doesn’t make you apprehensive not sure what will. :slight_smile: . They need to rethink their first impress and aftermath of how the client perceived the product just after receiving any item they sell. I have had issues and they have helped out. I hope the coming changes make a difference or at least out weight some of the hickups and hopefully soon.

Cool may have to give that a shot one day. I tried to use UGS one time and my setting got all screwed up for. I was new to CNC and just went back to CM. I use Vcarve Pro and CM and it been doing well, just hope the new version doesn’t through any hickups.

One think I did notice, not sure it was CM 416, but in Vcarve I downloaded the Amana tool database, tried to use it on job, CM didnt’ like it. So I went back to the generic tool paths I had and CM was fine again. Could be Amana setting, or vcarve or CM.

I’m surprised that you had issues with the Amana tool database. If you were using the Shapeoko GCode processor it should work. Maybe at some point, you should retry and if you have issues, bring it up here so we can test it too. Many of us use the same tools so if there is a known problem/solution, we will all benefit.

If you are looking for a new sender, consider CNCjs as @neilferreri wrote several macros specifically for the Shapeoko and Nomad but the upcoming version of CM may meet your needs too.