Tips for MDF on the Nomad 3?

Due to the fact MDF is cheap and I am struggling to find plywood in the dimensions I need, I want to find out as much as I can about making CNCing MDF on the Nomad 3 as safe and efficient as possible.

Any advice?

Eg. I was thinking of removing the left plexiglass window and cutting a new one with a hole for my shop vac, to try and get as much dust out of the enclosure as possible while cutting because apparently its the really fine stuff that is dangerous?

For the dust shoe, see:

For plywood, what are you looking for and not finding?

Usually you can find “scroll saw” packs of plywood which are pretty affordable, and quite conveniently sized.

(just cut in half)

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Here in Calgary I am not able to find good quality 3mm (1/8"). The thinnest I have found that is not full of voids and glue pockets is 1/4", and that is only in full sheets which is fine if you have a truck but I do not :slight_smile:

Importing from USA is $$$ due to the weight and dimensions even before taking into account the bargain basement CAD :slight_smile: - that Woodcraft store seems very expensive but I guess since the pandemic everywhere is expensive for lumber :frowning:

Have you checked for Baltic Birch plywood in small packs from

Or for small sheets of solid wood:

(just switch to the Canadian site)

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I get advertisement from Woodpeckers Woods all the time. Do not know if they have a Canadian office or if you have to import from US.

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