Too shallow vcarve

I’ve been looking around the forum and haven’t found an answer on how to make a Vcarve depth deeper. I’m using the #302 Vbit 60 degrees. I’m make a pretty big piece- 27x19", so I figured the Vcarve would be pretty easy deep but it keeps showing the mock-up as just a succession of small individual ‘dots’ instead of deep grooved lines. Is there something I’m not thinking of in the situation ?

The preview is probably Carbide Create wrongly discarding small features.

To increase the depth of a V carve use an endmill with a sharper taper angle.

I made a really basic drawing to explain how V-carving works with depth… this is with both Carbide Create and Vectric software like V-Carve, Aspire etc.

Basically the software fits your selected V-bit between the two lines you’ve selected, so the wider the lines, the deeper the bit goes. you cannot select the depth otherwise it won’t be able to follow the lines.

so in the drawing:
red line is the top of your material
blue dots are the side on view of your lines
orange triangles are your V-bit
black lines are to show the distance between lines

if you want to ‘trace’ lines, use the contour toolpath, and select the depth you’d like it to cut into the material


Please note that Carbide Create only correctly models the results of cutting with a V endmill when using a V carving toolpath.

One thing I picked-up watching a Mark Linsay video on YouTube was that some script fonts while good for printing or engraving, may not be a good choice for VCarving. If you magnify the fonts, you will see some of contour lines crisscross or some of the glipfs are open vectors.

For those who don’t know Mark’s channel, I highly recommend it especially for users of Vectric products, his explanations are clear, he does not jump over steps.

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Such crossing vectors can be addressed using Boolean operations, or offsetting the path, or judicious editing, see:

I agree but if you do not notice them, you run into problems and may not know why the Vbit is not carving part of the letters and besides, it can undesirably affect the look of the font not to mention the time it takes when other fonts will not create an issue.


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