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Following up on Tool Change Descriptions

It would be great if CM ingested the data exported by the F360 post processor.

(  vendor: Carbide 3D)
(  model: XL)
(  description: Shapeoko Pro)
(T1  D=6.35 CR=0 TAPER=45deg - ZMIN=34.771 - chamfer mill)
(T201  D=6.35 CR=0 - ZMIN=0 - flat end mill)

CM could now know that T1 is “chamfer mill” (I could have put a better description in F360 I suppose :slight_smile: ), and during tool change popups, show that information.

I know it’s hardcoded for the C3D endmills like #201, but this would make things a bit easier for Amana/others.

(An alternative would be manually setting a list of tool #'s and descriptions within an options tab in CM, but slightly less user friendly as it needs to be kept in sync with the tool library in F360)


I think the best solution here would be adding some kind of expected tool comment format that can be implemented by post-processors.

That is, Carbide 3D can say “we’ll support a comment that looks like T<num> <description>, you just need to update your post processor to output things that way”, then the community can go and add support to Fusion, Vectric, Solidworks or whatever else it pleases.


Yup that would be great! My general notion in all these feature requests is that there’s surely the “I run a machine shop and print setup sheets for each job” mentality, but I’m wearing the “I cut cool stuff in my garage on weekends” hat, so quality of life or these features would be a huge boost in user friendliness, and go hand in hand with what I experienced building my Shapeoko last week and things just working.

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