Tool Library discrepancies in CC 290

Pick on CC week?

In the middle of transitioning to F360 and I thought it would be useful to move (some) of the default feeds and speeds for the mills calculated in CC for various materials into a F360 tool library and hopefully share the library file to the Nomad forum to help others making the jump. No easy way to do this - as far as I can tell - so going one by one. In process and I have noted a discrepancy between the CC library with the actual tools which affects the calculated feeds/speeds in CC. Needless to say this might affect users of CC, not just people transitoning.


#201 0.250 flat end mill CC lists as 2 flute with 0.375 flute length. But the #201 I have here is a 3 Flute model with 1.000 flutes. Ditto #202 ball mill. Not sure if the tool shipped changed over time but updated my CC library appropriately.

Will attempt to list other discrepancies as they are encountered.


I really wish that we could have some sort of defined plain text / XML file which would define tooling (and which could optionally define feeds and speeds as well) and which could be loaded and collected and shared.

We do have .tps files, but they seem to be specific to MeshCAM:

Agreed. I wanted to use Dropbox to sync my tool library between my office and shop computers but it would need to be an external file.

Thanks for that - the TPS files are interesting and more accessible than the (what I think) registry based system of CC. Both systems have their advantages and weaknesses. Perhaps when I get through with Fusion I’ll take a look at doing a set of TPS for MeshCAM. I did take a peek at the Carbide auto tool path in MeshCAM tonight and interestingly for the Nomad the RPM is held at 10,000RPM regardless of material or mill used - so definitely the way things are calculated between CC and MeshCAM are completely different. Not sure what is ‘better’ but suspect the auto feeds/speeds under CC get more use than auto feeds/speeds in MeshCAM.