Touch Plate production?

(William Adams) #21

Clips such as are shown are also common in the sport of fencing if you know anyone who competes with electric — got mine from a damaged body cord from my wife’s gear.

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(Erin Ennis) #22

The circuit test is part of my procedure, too, but there are times that, for whatever reason, I goof & miss it. I use a lot of really small bits and goofing with one of those is a costly error.

In terms of flipping the box, potentially, though I’d still to be a little more careful to zero to the ridge. Honestly, I think for the most part the small parts I’m working are still going to be best off manually zeroing using “the post it trick.”

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(Jim Amos) #23

Sorry to ask, but I’ve been away from the forums for months… Is Carbide Motion 4 still “Shapeoko Touch Probe Only”? (meaning there are no custom touch probe dimensional offset settings) in the zero’ing flow?


(William Adams) #24

Correct. We only support the dimensions of our Probe so as to make the software as simple and reliable as we can.

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(Jim Amos) #25

I get the desire for lowest common denominator as I write software for a living as well, but for that single reason you hamstring users that want this feature using “other” touch probe options. It’s not a heavy lift to provide these dimensional offsets in CM4 and bury them with a modal “Danger Will Robinson” dialog or hosts of over safeguards to prevent casual plug-and-play users from shooting themselves in the foot.

I also get that I can offset my zero’s after using the CM4 “zero flow” with the dimensional diffs between the Carbide probe and mine, but that’s a clunk IMHO since a simple back-end setup would take care of the entire process. I’m fond of leveraging technology to do what it’s intended to do as a designer, and in this instance it’s to “automate” a zero and not invoke/require yet another manual human step/intervention.

I just checked the Carbide store while writing my reply as this thread touches on the frustration of touch probe unobtainum… Not only are they not in stock, they are (hack) $120… I continue my disappointment over the lack of this otherwise simple refactor to CM4.


(Nathaniel Klumb) #26

I just ordered some Mueller Electric BU-45 “Pee-Wee Clips” (also available in copper as the BU-45C). The jaws open to 7.9mm (0.31") and the front is 6.35mm (1/4"), so I believe they should be able to properly handle 1/4" cylinders with secure holding and minimal flop. I’ll know when they get here and I have a chance to try them out.


(Vince) #27

Keep in mind if the router is accidentally turned on, this type of clip won’t let go and might create a whip.

A neodymium magnet ground will provide a nice secure hold but detach easily


(William Adams) #28

Excellent point — I will note that there has been once instance of a person who did so — fortunately while wearing a shop apron.

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(Luc) #29

I don’t have a probe yet but I agree with Vince that a rare earth magnet is probably the best way to make the connection to the endmill but since you should not weld/solder the wire to the magnet because it will damage it, you should use a magnet cup and solder the wire to the cup.,42363,42348


(William Adams) #30

Another option is to use a magnet intended to be screwed in place, a suitable machine screw, and other hardware to make up the connection and if need be, weld to.


(Nathaniel Klumb) #31

Avoiding a flailing ground wire sounds like another good reason to just use the test clip to get a grip on the tool, not actually wire it in. It’s just something to give the alligator clip a handle on the tool.

Of course, come to think of it, that’s probably a good idea for magnetic attachment, too. Grab a threaded stud cup magnet, and you’ll have a nice post to clip the alligator clip to.

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(Neil Ferreri) #32

I’ve never turned on the router during a probe, but I have had bad connections with a magnet. I’m running a DeWalt with the stock collet. I probably need to file down the collet surface.


(Dan Nelson) #33

I did exactly that with a few swipes of fine sandpaper on one of the wrench flats. Clean collet doesn’t hurt either I imagine. Long story short I always complete the circuit when probing.



(Dan) #34

It’s early April :wink:


Patiently waiting

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(Mad Hatter) #35

I hear you. I haven’t heard of them or seen them in stock in over a month.


(Luc) #36

Yep, I was hoping for early April, in fact I had plan for it so I can bring it back from the US into Canada but it looks like I will be missing the window. I’m very disappointed I guess I’ll do without.


(Ryan Cochrane) #37

Any update on when they will be available?


(Ray Fleck) #38

bump… any update? C3D please take my money!

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(William Adams) #39

The current expected availability is mid–late May.


(Luc) #40

I have one word to address this: Kanban

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