Trace path moving axis by hand

quick question
I’m trying to make a cut were the shape is kind of specific and really difficult to draw, however I cane make a paper or cardboard template.
I wonder if there is a way to “follow the path” moving the router by hand and that path will be remember by the machine and repeat as need it.
is there maybe a software or patch or macro that can be added to carbide create?
is there another way to do this? I probably can draw it if I spend the time, but it will take many many trials.
I’m trying to avoid doing it with the jigsaw.

With the tools available today the best option is to draw your design then take a photo from a reasonable distance to minimize distortions. If it will fit on a scanner that would be even better. Then use the trace function in carbide create. If you are cutting a template color it with a sharpie and take your photo on a white background for the best contrast.

This was done before the trace function with a ploy line created over the background image, but the same idea just more work.

Bad sketch

New life for a 40+ year old puzzle


Thanks, I think that can work
At least it’s better than drawing it.
With the price of wood is not longer an option just to guess, cut and see how it fits :slightly_smiling_face:
Thank you

Tutorial on re-drawing:

For folks who want to make similar puzzles, here’s a tutorial:

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