Triquetra - Automatic 3 Axis Zero Touch Plate

So a few months ago I was perusing the Inventables forums and saw this post for a 3 axis zero touch plate. The touch plate allows you to run a g-code program that you are provided and then moves slowly to touch the X axis of the touch plate, then the Y axis of the touch plate and then the Z axis of the touch late. It then zeros out all the XYZ settings and you have effectively zeroed your machine in a matter of seconds.

It was getting awesome reviews from the X-carve crowd so I decided to contact the maker to see if it would work on the Shapeoko 3 XXL.

The gentlemen I exchanged emails with (Charley Thomas) told me he was unsure if it would work with the Shapeoko but didnt see any reason why it wouldn’t.

So I took a chance, after all, what could be better than automatic zeroing of your machine, not only on the Z axis but all axis. So I read the forum post again and realized he was offering a $20 discount for Inventables forum members who requested the discount code. WOW now I knew I had to order one. If it didnt work I wasnt out alot of money and if it did work it would be a great asset to my machine. The price is $55 for the block, alligator clip and banana plug. You have to supply the wire. And with $20 off it made it $35 plus shipping of $6.80 for a total of $41.80.

Now for the results.

1 - Customer service with Charlie is superb. I had a few questions before I bought the block and he answered within 4 hours every time i emailed him. His communications were concise and clear
2- The block was very simple to setup once I purchased the wire and connector to do so. You can go much cheaper ways than I did but I always do things correctly to avoid problems down the road. So I bought the following to make for a clean install.

Wires with Pre-crimped Terminals 2-Pack F-F 60" Black

Wires with Pre-crimped Terminals 2-Pack F-F 60" Red

0.1" (2.54mm) Crimp Connector Housing: 1x2-Pin 25-Pack

3 - The connection is very easy. You simply put one color pre-crimped terminal into a pin hole on the crimp connector housing and plug the housing onto your controller board. Mine looks like this and i plugged it into the “probe” two pins on the top right side of the controller board.

4- The other red end goes into the provided banana plug and secures with a small screw in the plug. The other black end goes into the alligator clip. You will have to mash the prongs over the wire. You can leave the pin on this if you so desire to make for a better connection.

5 - The block works perfectly and gets you a very fine zero on all axes when following the makers directions.

I have left a link below to Charley’s website. Make sure to check out the Inventables forum to get the discount information for the $20 off. This won’t last much longer so if you want to save 20 bucks you better hurry.

Is this device worth $35 plus shipping. NO DOUBT. To me it is worth alot more than that. Before I was straining my eyes to see if the X, Y and Z were zeroed and wasnt very accurate. Now it is AUTOMAGIC (yes I know i misspelled it)

Do yourself a favor and buy this block. It will save you a ton of time and make your machining a lot more pleasurable.

Here is the information on where you can purchase the Triquetra and the Inventables forum URL.

Triquetra Website


This seems really great product. The place you linked for wires is a good place to order from?

I had no problems ordering from them. You should be fine ordering from there or an alternate location. You may be able to find the material cheaper elsewhere but I have no complaints with their service

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In for one, looks nice at reasonable price! Appreciate you sharing this

My pleasure. Hope it works as well for you as it does for me.

Just bought one…thank you for the info!

I was just thinking why couldn’t they just make x and y touch probes instead of just a z, how funny. Does the bottom have an L shape on it so it’s square to the corner or something?

Does anyone know if it would be possible to connect this to the Nomad classic? @ApolloCrowe @Jorge @robgrz

Yes it sits square on the corner of your material

If the Nomad has a probe connector it will likely work it seems to me

Thanks for posting this I’m definitely going to pick one up.
Edit: purchase made :stuck_out_tongue:

Are you running Carbide Motion or another controller software? If running CM what is your workflow within the software?

You can run any controller software. You setup an excel worksheet with the configuration for your plate and create a g-code file that you run. It will run and setup your zero for each axis. See his website for details.

Ordered… this looks handy for when my skill proficiency in CNC machining expands. I’m believing the inputs run in parallel to the limit switch inputs (the first post picture is a vanilla controller with nothing attached) as there are a collection of URL’s to IDC wiring and housings.

I received mine today,Came very well packed,

looks and feels like quality material

You are going to love it

Hope it works as well for you as it does for me.

I received mine today. No luck getting it to work with carbide motion. Apparently CM does not recognize the G92 command in the code file. Has anyone else been successful with Carbide motion?:worried:

I don’t use carbide motion myself. It does work with UGS, bCNC and chilipeppr. I have used it with all of them

I am waiting on my wires to arrive and haven’t hooked mine up yet. I am using CM. I hate to hear it won’t work with it. Can someone with more knowledge on this maybe chime in please?