UGS touchplate macro

(Stacy Boncheff) #9

Yes and the latest nightly build. Both the normal and platform version work for me.


(Dustin S Tilton) #10

Question about the UGS nightly build. Do I have to download a new one every once in a while, or does it update? Looking at the file dates, it appears my nightly build of the normal version was last updated in 2015. So I assume I need to periodically download a new nightly build. I plan on giving the platform version a go pretty soon.


(Stacy Boncheff) #11

If the one you get works you dont have to download anything unless you want to get any new features they are working on in beta.


(Ed Wan) #12

I am using 1.09. I downloaded the nightly build of the classic, but it only has 3 macros. Otherwise it seems to work fine. I just wish it had more that 3 macros.

I have tried the UGS platform, it works fine except I cannot figure out how to get the Macro function to work at all.


(Ed Wan) #13

I just ordered the triquetra. It seems to get a lot of good reviews on the forum. I am a bit concerned with the wiring.

Does it connect to the standard PROBE pins on the controller board like a simple touch plate?


(Stacy Boncheff) #14

Yes one wire to the positive pin and one to the negative pin


(Luke) #15

Hi there, I found your app on my machine today - I can’t load the file into CM - they show as errors in the code, any idea why this might be?


(Kenton) #16

I have never tried it with CM, but the Gcode is valid, so it should work…

What are the errors? Is it just a spacing/formatting issue?


(ted brantley) #17

If I remember correctly G92 is not supported in Carbide Motion. Perhaps that is the problem?


(Kenton) #18

That would be a problem :slight_smile:

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(Luke) #19

I thought that changed with the new version of GBRL?


(Ed Wan) #20

I have been using Triquetra with Intelligcode by Software Redifined. Intelligcode has those functions built in, but each axis must be done individually. I inserted the triquetra gcode as a macro and all works great.

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(Thomas Leonard) #21

Hi there, I see you have successfully installed and use the Triquetra. My board has a reserved 3 pin connection for the Carbide probe but the Triquetra only uses two wires. Do you remember which of the 3 pins is the negative and which is the positive?


(Stacy Boncheff) #22

See this thread. The top right pin connectors that say probe is the connection you are looking for. There are two pins for the probe there. One is positive and one is negative. If your board doesnt have this connection, you probably want to take a picture of it and post it for people to look at to provide you some advise.

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(Thomas Leonard) #23

My board is a v2.4d. There is a 3 pronged connector that is labeled ‘reserved’. I read a thread that stated that that was where the Carbide probe was connected to. The board is mounted upside down so the lower left area in the picture is where I’m referring to. The Triquetra only has a positive and a negative wire with no connectors. I’m afraid to connect the wrong pin to the wrong wires and ruin something. If I can get some clearer pictures uploaded, I will attach those as well. Hope this is of some help.


(Dustin S Tilton) #24

This is the Probe pin for the Triqueta and any other probe with 2 wires -

The one indicated with a red arrow. If you look closely you will see it says PROBE next to it.

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(Phil Thien) #25

Yep, this is where my two-wire probe is connected on the same board version.

Works great.

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(Thomas Leonard) #26

Well, there it is! Thank you!


(Will Winder) #27

For anyone following this thread for using a touchplate with UGS, I’d recommend using a recent version of the UGS Platform version. It has homing features built in, so there’s no longer a need to use these complex macros.



Thankyou… UGS driving me crazy,will try the G code tonight