UGS touchplate macro

(Ed Wan) #1

Since I recently updated my grbl to 1.1f I was able to take advantage of G38.2
I use this as a macro in UGS

G38.2 z -.5 F1; G92 Z .065; G0 z .25

G38.2 Z -.5 F1
probes down .5 inch at 1 inch/min

G92 Z.065
sets Z to touch plate thickness (I use a copper clad pcb .065 thick)

G0 Z .25
retract tool

Position the tool at .5 inch or lower above touch plate (or change the Z higher if you like, keep in mind that it probes down at 1 inch/minute)

Run the macro. The tool will descend at 1 ipm until contact, then retract.
The value of Z0 will now be set at the material height.

I cannot take credit for this code, its floating around the web from several sources. I just put it all on one line in a UGS macro. Works great though!


How to use the shapeoko touch probe on ugs platform?
Universal G-Code Sender
(Luke) #2

So will this work now? Here is some code for a full probing

G92 x0
G92 y0
G92 z0
G38.2 x-200.0 f300
G92 x20
G91 g0 x0.5
G91 g0 y1
G91 g0 x-1

g38.2 y-1 f3
G92 y2.3125
G91 g0 y0.125
G91 g0 z0.9
G91 g0 y-0.625

g38.1 z-1 f3
G92 z0.8
G91 g0 z0.125
G91 g0 y1 x1

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(Kenton) #3

Made a basic Windows application to generate the gcode for an XYZ touch plate.

Works for me, but not responsible for any issues or damages. :slight_smile:

DropBox Link


(Marcella Duarte) #4

Anyone tested The GRBL 1.1 with UGS master and triquetra? I tried but im having trouble, some times work and other dont.


(Ed Wan) #5

Nice work. Looks great! I cant wait to give it a try this weekend.


(Ed Wan) #6

I was interested in Triquetra. I really like his design for the touch plate. I would make my own but I only cut woods and plastics.

I have noticed 1,1 occasionally doing something strange with touch off code. I occasionally retracts when it should probe. If you try to probe without having homed the machine it will mess up. I dont know if homing only has to be done once, at the beginning of a job, or if the problem reoccurs later. I will be doing some experimentation this weekend


(Stacy Boncheff) #7

I havent had any problems with the Triquetra. I use it constantly. I home my machine at the start of each day and use the Triquetra every time I change a bit.


(Marcella Duarte) #8

You updated to GRBL 1.1? And what version of UGS are you using?


(Stacy Boncheff) #9

Yes and the latest nightly build. Both the normal and platform version work for me.


(Dustin S Tilton) #10

Question about the UGS nightly build. Do I have to download a new one every once in a while, or does it update? Looking at the file dates, it appears my nightly build of the normal version was last updated in 2015. So I assume I need to periodically download a new nightly build. I plan on giving the platform version a go pretty soon.


(Stacy Boncheff) #11

If the one you get works you dont have to download anything unless you want to get any new features they are working on in beta.


(Ed Wan) #12

I am using 1.09. I downloaded the nightly build of the classic, but it only has 3 macros. Otherwise it seems to work fine. I just wish it had more that 3 macros.

I have tried the UGS platform, it works fine except I cannot figure out how to get the Macro function to work at all.


(Ed Wan) #13

I just ordered the triquetra. It seems to get a lot of good reviews on the forum. I am a bit concerned with the wiring.

Does it connect to the standard PROBE pins on the controller board like a simple touch plate?


(Stacy Boncheff) #14

Yes one wire to the positive pin and one to the negative pin


(Luke) #15

Hi there, I found your app on my machine today - I can’t load the file into CM - they show as errors in the code, any idea why this might be?


(Kenton) #16

I have never tried it with CM, but the Gcode is valid, so it should work…

What are the errors? Is it just a spacing/formatting issue?


(ted brantley) #17

If I remember correctly G92 is not supported in Carbide Motion. Perhaps that is the problem?


(Kenton) #18

That would be a problem :slight_smile:

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(Luke) #19

I thought that changed with the new version of GBRL?


(Ed Wan) #20

I have been using Triquetra with Intelligcode by Software Redifined. Intelligcode has those functions built in, but each axis must be done individually. I inserted the triquetra gcode as a macro and all works great.

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