Triquetra - Automatic 3 Axis Zero Touch Plate

(Patricio Suarez) #81

Hello everyone. I just received my Triquetra today and was able to wire it to my Nomad 833 and run the GCODE generated by the excel file with no problem. I’m using Universal GCode Sender (UGS) to control my Nomad to run the zeroing sequence. All works and goes as advertised. My problem is that once I get my zero position in UGS I’m not able to translate that I formation to Carbide Motion. I tried turning my Nomad off after the zero had been set and then turning it back on to have Carbide Motion take it from there but, no luck. I’m getting limit switch errors when I try to run anything. It seems that Carbide Motion uses the top right corner as machine zero and UGS uses the bottom left as zero. True?. Any help would be super welcome!!!. Thanks.

(Stacy Boncheff) #82

You can either turn off homing on the Nomad or you can just use UGS to send your gcode files to the Nomad when you are ready to cut.

(Patricio Suarez) #83

@Bonch Thanks. Can’t figure out how to turn homing off on Carbide Motion. I would like to keep using Carbide Motion because I like the tool measurement when tools change on the same job. I’m trying to learn how UGS works as I’m hitting limit switches when using it trying to do a test job.

(Stacy Boncheff) #84

Check out this link by Apollo. I think it is the same for Shapeoko as Nomad but dont know for sure.

(ray) #85

Was wondering what kind of repeatability everyone was getting with this probe? Thanks Ray

(Stacy Boncheff) #86

Exact repeatability every time


It works fairly well for me. I primarily use just the z function for tool changes. I build a fence so I don’t have to rezero when batching items out.

(Jim N) #88

Works great… and Charley is a great guy to deal with!

(greg) #89

Thanks for your share, I am hoping you can help me, I purchased this product from Charlie, I get it to probe using UGS but it does not set the zero can you help me

(Stacy Boncheff) #90

Did you set up the x,y and z distances in the software?

(greg) #91

No sir I did not, nor do I know how how, if you will assist me it’ll be great. ty

(Stacy Boncheff) #92

You should have received a CD with instructional videos if you ordered it with your Touch Plate. If not, here is Charley’s YouTube channel which should have all you need to set it up.

(greg) #93

Cool, I have the cd I’ll look, do I need an updated carbide motion or ugcs?

(Stacy Boncheff) #94

Last I heard it will not work with Carbide Motion so UGCS or another sender.

(Leith) #95

I understand Carbide 3D will release and OEM one this week :slight_smile: Should be much more plug and play I hope. Surely looking at this thread there is a very clear demand for one.

(greg) #96

Do we need to upgrade the grbl to 1.1

(Matthew Griffith) #97

I know this has been addressed a number of times on this thread, and I have read through it. Though I am still struggling to get the zero successfully found with the Triquetra in UGS replicated in CarbideMotion. If someone could walk me through step by step as to how to make the shift from UGS to CM without losing the X,Y,Z zero that would be helpful.
This is my experience… I successfully obtain my zero in UGS. Though when I attempt to close my port connection to the machine from UGS (which from my understanding is necessary because CM and UGS cannot be connected at the same time) and open carbide motion, it requires me to home before running a job. I have seen some suggest turning homing off. is this the correct and safe to do on the machine and subsequently correct my issue? Just didn’t know if it was safe to run the machine without homing. Thanks

(Dustin S Tilton) #98

Why switch over to CM? Why not just send using UGS?

(Matthew Griffith) #99

Looking to maintain access to CM as I familiarize myself with UGS

(Jim Amos) #100

What happens when you return to the previous X/Y/Z in Carbide Motion? Same as your UGCS zero?