Trouble with new computer

I had to get new computer. I installed v7 I v 743 Also installed Carbide motion v566 I also sent paramaters to machine . . I went to initialize machine router moved to top right corner as it should . After that it would not do anything except z axis would plunge. And after plunge it kicks me out of Carbide motion and goes back to the desk top Can anyone tell me what I did or did not do. Thank You!!

Did you send the machine configuration?

If that doesn’t address things, please let us know at

Yes William I sent configuration after setting travel dimensions. Pretty sure I did them just the way you explained . I am at work now but will redo to your specs just to be sure when I get home … Thanks for your help

It is very easy to not send the configuration. If I remember the second tab opens and then you have to go back to the first tab and select machine and Z. So if you sent the config then double check you picked the correct machine and Z. The Z-Plus is refereed to as LeadScrew and the HDZ is refereed to as BallScrew. The Z-Plus runs in the opposite direction from the HDZ (the original belt Z runs in the same direction as HDZ).

Since this is a new install you might want to uncheck the BitSetter and Automatic Spindle control until you get initialized properly and then set up for the BitSetter location and if you have a BitRunner.

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