Trying and can't figure it out (solved - flipped fillet)

I am attempting to create a box with corner “bumps” for screws to hold a cover plate. I managed to do 1 corner (using @WillAdams tutorial on Boolean magic) and it worked perfectly. Now, is there any way to “mirror” these into the other 3 corners so they will match exactly?

I have been struggling to describe in writing how I achieved this so bear with me.

What I did first was create the outer rectangle, but leave it Square (ie dont apply the fillet yet). Next create the Inner rectangle and make sure you place its center point at the same location as the outer rectangle. Now depending on how much space you want between the inner and outer feature adjust the dimensions of the inner rectangle accordingly (ie if you want a 1/4" offset make the rectangle 1/2" smaller in height and width).

Now create a circle with the radius you want for the “bump”. Dont worry about placing it yet.
Now click on the Inner Rectangle and select the Upper Left dot on the MOVE panel. Make note of the X and Y dimensions. Now click on the circle you created and enter in the previously noted X and Y dimensions. If done correctly the center point of the circle should lie on the upper left corner of the inner rectangle.

Now repeat that 3 more times. Create the circle and set the radius. Click the inner rectangle and choose the corner point in the MOVE area you wish to use, note the dimensions, click the circle, and enter those dimensions into X and Y.

When you are done it should look like the attached photo.

The final steps are select the Inner Rectangle and one of the circle and choose Boolean Subtraction. Repeat always making sure to select the Inner Rectangle first.

Last step is the Fillet. Choose the Outer Rectangle and instead of Square choose Fillet and set your radius.

Good luck and feel free to message me if you have any questions


Misunderstood what you asked for, but will let this post stand since I raised the rotation issue to the team. New post coming.

for the basics of it, but if you’re using a recent build of Carbide Create, this has now been done as a feature for (rather exaggerated) dogbones — see the drop down menu under size:

FWIW, when I make them I prefer to:

  • draw the rectangle
  • a circle
  • rotate the circle 45 degrees
  • duplicate the circle 3 times
  • drag each copy so that a rotated node on the circle aligns to a corner of the rectangle

but that doesn’t work in Carbide Create since it apparently won’t rotate a circle.

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By George, that is it! I knew the brain trust here would guide me through.


@WillAdams my problem with the whole cut ‘n’ paste is that my hands shake so badly, that if I can set within a few inches…I’m doing good. I’ll still keep that in mind.

Okay, now that I can actually see what you want. The way to fix that is:

  • draw in a circle aligned at the point you already have:

  • select everything and group it

  • if necessary draw in an extra bit of geometry select both things and align them to the stock:

  • delete the extra bit of geometry (if necessary)

  • flip things vertically

  • ungroup
  • duplicate the circle
  • drag the circle into alignment with the original
  • with it selected control click on the other two pieces of geometry
  • group again
  • flip again, this time horizontally leaving the first circle in place:

  • repeat for the last corner and group the original geometry and flip to put it back where it was:

  • ungroup

  • for each circle, select the geometry you wish to modify then control click on the circle — the circle should have a dashed appearance and be the key object — do Boolean Subtraction:

  • repeat for the other corners:

We have a WINNER!! THANK-YOU!!!

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I’m a little late to this party, but you can use the flipped fillet feature in Carbide Create! Here’s a video I just made for you @BoscoBob

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Not enough “thank-you’s” can be given. Awesome solution that saves my few remaining brain cells from implosion.

I was really excited to show off the feature! This is the exact use case for it being in the program to begin with, so we should be thanking you for bringing it up!


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