Trying to make lines like a measuring tape

I’m trying to create a fish measuring board so there needs to be large and medium sized lines place perfectly, *t keeps telling me EMPTY TOOLPATH . what am I missing? Thanks in advance.

upload your c2d file here so that we can have a look

Open/unclosed lines (indicated by being magenta) can only have Contour toolpaths associated w/ them — you’ll want to use a no-offset contour.

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I had to create a thin rectangle that was a 1/16" wide . I thought I could just draw a line and tell it to cut the path of the line.

What software? In Fusion 360, you can draw a line and in CAM use the “trace” tool path.

You can just draw a line and tell the software to cut that — it’s what a Contour toolpath does — you’ll want one w/ No Offset.

I used open vectors for lines, a contour toolpath with no offset and a v-bit.

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Drop this in your library folder


Contour / No Offset the lines. VCarve the numbers.


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