Tsugite - Looks really cool

Anyone seen / tried out this open source software for joinery?
I’ll be downloading and trying tonight if I have a few minutes.

EDIT: Tried on a Win 10 PC at work (pretty locked down) and it did not work. It crashed on opening. On my list still to try at home.


It does look really cool, and the fact that it’s steered towards producing 3-axis CNC-able designs is even better, thanks for sharing.

It reminds me of @BlindedSands’s contest-winning Kawai tsugite joinery and the fact that I have been wanting to try it ever since, maybe now is the time!

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Experimented w/ at:

The software for this has been updated, and now runs w/o crashing for at least some folks for whom it previously crashed:



Has anyone been successful (or unsuccessful?) running this software?

I was able to cut a test joint using the files I’d drawn up at:

but the software won’t run on my machine — does anyone have an output file they could post here?

Nitpick but it’s not open-source. Open-source means you can modify and redistribute it. The source is there and you can modify it as much as you want but they haven’t given you a license to redistribute your modifications.

There are examples in the GitHub repo.

I managed to get it to run on Linux without much trouble, though it does like to crash.


The example files seem rather lacking in terms of specifics — what size tool, what size stock, where should the origin be?

I was able to run it on a different machine back when I originally posted here.
I found some really unpredictable, destructive toolpaths(plunging several meters) that steered me away.
I’ll take a look at the update soon.

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