Turners Cube Video

Here is my first Nomad time lapse.

I cut another turners cube just to try it out.
(Man editing CNC video to get to the ‘interesting’ stuff takes a while…)

Sorry about the shaky bit at the beginning, it only lasts for about 8 seconds or so.


Very cool! The cube and the video :smile: I got a kick out of the sound when you were tapping the block with the mallet - super high speed! Haha

Wow! Since I’m new to CNC I love seeing this stuff. Can you tell me about your exhaust system? Looks great. And…about your method of clamping. Anything at all you can share would be greatly appreciated.


@Flatballer has a nice clamping system. In the worst case, one cuts custom pieces to provide the necessary clamping force. Not unlike some of the high end clamping systems I’ve used where one is expected to machine the jaws (i.e.“machinable jaws”) to fix the piece under construction. It’s slick and simple to machine. :+1:

Some of us use this:


A replacement bed that is a sea-of-holes and a collection of cams. A trip to a hardware store provides access to many additional fixturing options.

@Flatballer came up with the first “dust head” for the Nomad. It’s really also really slick. :+1:

He posted the plans, CAD and other information. It requires a bit of gluing but it’s easy to construct. He chose to go through the front - the acrylic - but others have gone through the back or side.

Air quality/safety is a very serious subject when machining friable (“easily crumbed”) materials (e.g. wood, fiberglass, carbon composite, FR4) as this generates particles which are particularly dangerous to the lungs. The most critical element is a dust collector (i.e. vacuum) with a HEPA filter rated at 0.3 microns. If one does much work with these materials, it’s a good idea to also use a dust separator (i.e. cyclone) to reduce the amount of dust that gets to the HEPA filter - they are somewhat expensive.

There are commercial systems available or one can construct a system themselves. @Flatballer, myself and many others can help you construct an safe air handling systems that will fit your budget.


Thx for all of the info…I would just love to know then items that were shown in the video.


This can be found on the forums here: Nomad modified with dust collector


and this can be found here: Simple custom waste board and vice in one

Thanks for your interest, please let me know any specific questions you may have.