Two in two days... Introducing the Gator Tooth Clamp

Whilst we wait for Sweepy’s to assemble, here is another project we’ve been working on.

Introducing the Gator Tooth

Some of you might have spied these at the end of one of Winston videos (we let him have a set early and he spoiled the surprise).

To make up for it, he made a nice video to introduce them properly:

These are now ready to ship!


I like those clamps, the tapped hole at an angle is a nice touch and I bet useful for many projects.


I’ve been testing a set (but have maintained operational security) and they are flat out amazing — a wonderful example of elegance in design where things aren’t finished until all which can be removed has been (and there has been an iteration since the testing samples were made which bears that out).

They secure things well and easily, and dust shoes clear them with room to spare for reasonable setups.

I’ll now be able to post a (glamour?) photo of my all-in-one little tool case for my Nomad and Shapeoko which these fit into perfectly.


very slick universal part. may have to pickup a set for work.

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The two clamping functions in one footprint is genius, nice work :+1:

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I was a beta tester for these and I can vouch that these clamps work great.

They hold with a crazy amount of strength and I have used them in many different configurations. I’m specifically impressed with the vertical pressure they apply when clamping only from the sides. I don’t see the benefit in the stainless steel for a woodworker like myself, but perhaps there are benefits with some more rigid materials. I plan to buy more of the Aluminum clamps to add to my arsenal of clamping power.


I like it! very nice concept

with some many people now handing back his beer(s) to @Luke, he will end up pretty drunk.
I wonder what tomorrow’s announcement will be, can’t wait ! :slight_smile:


If only…

I think that is it for this week - we didn’t plan the announcing both within 2 days, it was just chance…

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What would the pros and cons of the aluminum vs stainless.

I ordered the stainless steel but curious to know what others opinions are. Or why C3D made 2 different materials type.

Thanks for the order!

Aluminium is a bit softer and more forgiving to a crash. Steel is really tough and harder wearing but if you hit one at speed your bit is probably toast.

The aluminium is a bit cheaper to make which allows us to pass on the savings for what we think is a great clamp.

Due to the above we were not sure what people would prefer, so we did both.

Honestly, I have been using these for a few months now and they are my go-to clamp. I have both the steel and aluminium, all work great still.

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in case of accident:

aluminum – the endmill makes a dent into the clamp

steal - the clamp makes a dent in the endmill


I was one of the lucky ones to beta test these, and they are the best, most versatile clamps I have seen or used. I particularly love using the angled grub screws to hold my workpiece while leaving the top surface open for flattening.

Flip them over and they can be used for 1/4" ply when it’s been pre-painted and can’t be nailed down. There is no wrong way.
The prototypes were made for for 6mm bolts, and I use 1/4" hardware. So I used the clamps to hold the clamps, to open up the slot. Not a great picture. But if you have them, They work great with step blocks.
Anyway, Do yourself a favor and buy these NOW! :grin:


The step block usage is interesting and something I hadn’t considered — will have to look into making a set with steps size to match the Gator clamps with an angle which matches the lean of the step height.


I love the versatility of the design! Just ordered 2 sets and can’t wait to put them to use!


Quick question… is there enough space in the channel associated lip to accommodate 5/16" hardware and the appropriate head size?


What is the price?how many in set.
Where can I get them.

I don’t think so — 1/4"-20 was a bit of a tight fit, and an M6 nylon washer wouldn’t fit in the prototypes (had to clip them a bit).

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See: — sets of 4, $60 or $80.

Order placed! These look like they’ll be perfect for a project I’ve been working on.