UGS/Fusion 360 Z axis problem

(Nathaniel Klumb) #21

Ah, thanks. I hadn’t gotten around to looking for that, but I figured something must be in there to ignore the tool changes. Of course, I’d want to ignore any tool number (e.g. those from Carbide Create), so a regular expression like “M6 T[0-9]+” should do.


(Julien Heyman) #22

cool, thanks. I’ll replace Carbide’s F360 post with yours, I knew it was out there but did not find it when I moved to F360, and then forgot.

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(Neil Ferreri) #23

Mine is based on the grbl default, not Carbide’s as I haven’t used motion since the first time I used it. I always use metric, and I’ve never had an issue with it.


(Jonathan Anderson) #24

Yep, that’s what I did for tool changes. I meant to type filter but autocorrect changed it.


(Jonathan Anderson) #25

Excellent! Thanks for this. I hate remembering to delete the G28 line every time.


(mikep) #26

Try this one:

If you don’t use more than one tool in a post run, set “minimize tool changes” in it, and there will be no tool changes in the file.

Just removing the T commands automatically is a little prone to error. If you generate a file accidentally with more than one tool, it’ll just run and cut improperly, which is almost surely not what you want to happen. If you use the “minimize tool changes” (which just stays set unless you change it again) method, you still get an error if you use multiple tools in the toolpath.

This file actually is zipped…not because it’s big, you can’t upload .cps files. (5.5 KB)

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(Julien Heyman) #27

Good point. I’ll try it too, and diff them out of curiosity. Sooner or later I’ll want to customize one to my taste I guess.