Unable to Command Select multiple shapes for boolean

On on a MAC
I am supposed to be able to select a shape and then select a second shape by holding down the Command key. This does not work and it just selects one and deselects another.


Howdy Dave. Use the Shift key to multi select. Hope that helps.


As @Lonnie_Mac noted, this is now shift — it used to be command/control in older versions.

Please see:

That did it. Thanks.

Thanks. They really should update their video tutorials. They still say Command. It’s been driving me crazy.

I have noticed in my Windows CC 4.74 that when you select objects for Boolean operations and you Control Z to back out of something the order swaps on the objects (2). Has anyone else noticed this behavior.

To be clear if you have two objects, A&B. You select A first (solid orange line around object) and use Shift to select second object B (broken orange line). You do a Boolean operation but do not like the result and hit Control Z, Object A now how the broken orange line and Object B has a solid orange line.

I asked before and this was done on purpose. The most common mistake is to have the order inverted… so ctrl z now fixes that up

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