Unable to Jog, CM 513

I don’t ordinarily use CM to run my SO3, I’ve been using GRBL-Panel for years cause I like its interface much better. I’m trying to bring my machine and workflow back to stock to see what the out of the box experience is like. The first problem I’ve run into is with jogging. Please see the video here, https://photos.app.goo.gl/gWtfERKVGNK4gcij7. As you can see, the majority of the time I’m only clicking the x- button on the screen but the machine will move a little in the minus direction for one click and in the plus direction for the next click or not move at all. When I try clicking the y- or y+ buttons, the machine will move in both x and y simultaneously. The machine does not behave like this in GRBL-Panel. it works exactly as expected. Does anyone have any ideas? Please advice.


Which version of Carbide Motion are you using?

Which version of Grbl is installed on the machine?

Have you re-sent the machine configuration? We recommend doing that when switching G-Code senders so that the machine starts from a known-state.

Thanks Will,
I’m using CM 513 and my GRBL version is 1.1f.
I hadn’t re-sent the configuration to the machine but I have now and that seems to have helped the situation. There’s just a couple problems. You can see in the video that my Z xis is the “SHAPEOKO 3 Slider” from cnc4newbie.com. The closest setting that matches for the Z-Axis Type field in the CM Settings window is Z-Plus. Once I send those settings, the jogging in any direction works but it’s not reliable. Most the time a single click of a jog button will move the machine by one increment. Many times a single click will result in movement of two increments. And a few times a single click will result in what appears to be a half increment or a stutter increment. It doesn’t seem to make a difference whether I use the onscreen buttons or the keyboard shortcuts. Also, another annoying behavior is, going from CM to GRBL-Panel doesn’t require re-sending the configuration to the machine, but just the mere fact of connecting to the machine with GRBL-Panel and not doing anything, only establishing a connection, requires CM to need to resend the configuration before it’ll work correctly. Very odd.

I still wanna continue down this path to see if I can use CM on a regular basis but at this moment I don’t know. GRBL-Panel just seems so much more intuitive and feature rich to me. I’m planning to get the bit-setter accessory soon and I’m not sure how to make it work in GRBL-Panel. I’m afraid any multi-tool job will force me to use CM to take advantage of the new accessory, so I need to re-train myself.

Thanks for the help.

What doesn’t work before you send the configuration?

Can you paste your grbl settings after connecting in GRBL-panel and then after connecting and configuring in Motion?

By “doesn’t work” I mean it operates like it does in the video, i.e., moving back and forth, moving in two directions simultaneously, etc. The GRBL settings are exactly the same from both programs. GRBL-Panel doesn’t have a way to capture them as text so I had to transcribe them into this table below.

Setting From GRBL-Panel
before connecting Motion
From Carbide Motion
after connecting from GRBL-Panel
$0 10 10
$1 255 255
$2 0 0
$3 2 2
$4 0 0
$5 0 0
$6 0 0
$10 255 255
$11 0.020 0.020
$12 0.010 0.010
$13 0 0
$20 0 0
$21 0 0
$22 1 1
$23 0 0
$24 100.000 100.000
$25 2000.000 2000.000
$26 25 25
$27 3.000 3.000
$30 1000 1000
$31 0 0
$32 0 0
$100 40.000 40.000
$101 40.000 40.000
$102 200.000 200.000
$110 10000.000 10000.000
$111 10000.000 10000.000
$112 1000.000 1000.000
$120 500.000 500.000
$121 500.000 500.000
$122 270.000 270.000
$130 845.000 845.000
$131 850.000 850.000
$132 95.000 95.000

So after you send the configuration in CM it works as expected?

yes, that’s correct, with the caveats mentioned above.

I was reading some other posts and found an unrelated post where the user describes odd multi-axis movements when jogging in Motion but not in other senders.