Uncut or downcut bits

hello- I purchased a starter end mill pack and am having difficulty finding out which are upcut and which are downcut. They all look similar. I have:

202 ballnose
102 square
201 square
101 ballnose

Those are all upcut bits, The 251 that comes in the starter pack is the downcut.


Most likely all upcut bits in the starter package. Is that Carbide’s kit or another? the part #'s look like Carbide’s.

  • 2 ea - 201 .25" Flat Endmill
  • 1 ea - 202 .25" Ball Endmill
  • 1 ea - 301 .50" 90 Degree V-Bit Endmill
  • 1 ea - 302 .50" 60 Degree V-Bit Endmill
  • 1 ea - 101 .125" Ball Endmill
  • 1 ea - 102 .125" Flat Endmill
  • 1 ea - 251 .25" Downcut Flat Endmill

Thank you very much. They all look like upcup, but I wasn’t sure. Do you recommend using the down cut bit for an outside border on a sign?

Yes, using the downcut for areas where surface finish matters is perfect — just make sure you have adequate chip clearing and don’t go too deep in a slot.

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This may help on determining Up cut vs Down cut

Here’s the link to another thread on the community that goes into more detail.
Read everything for a detailed explanation



Will do. Thank you very much.