Understanding Bit Settings

Hello, I purchase the Amana Bit [https://www.toolstoday.com/v-13777-46200-k.html] and was entering as a new tool in the carbide tool library.

I compared the feed rates, etc. to carbide’s bits that are already in carbide create and noticed there is quite the difference in the feed and plunge rates. I know they are different brands, but am just questioning myself putting in the information on the Amana bits. I am afraid of breaking something. I am very new to CNC-ing.:slight_smile:

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As a general rule, the speeds and feeds listed on manufacturer’s website or documentation will not be suitable for a Shapeoko. Those numbers are typically developed for industrial CNC routers or milling machines. A good place to start is this (specifically, the “Cutters & collets” and “Speeds & feeds” sections):
You can also watch these videos from Winston for a good start. He also covers the basics on speeds & feeds (I believe it is in part 5).

There is no one direct answer to how you should use the tool you bought. It will depend on the type of toolpath, the material you are cutting, the desired cut quality, etc.

There is a lot to learn in the CNC world, especially in the speeds and feeds area. Don’t get discouraged, the learning curve is steep but you can do it.


Thank you so much!! Looking at this immediately. Also, thank you for the encouragement! :smiley:

Somewhere on the forum is a database of the Amana tools Carbide3d sells ready to go.

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Not quite ready to go, and in two places/versions:

Since those have gone up a lot of the Amana tooling we sell has been added to Carbide Create, so check there first, but as noted above, the feed and speeds Amana provides are for industrial CNCs, so not suited to machines in the typical home or garage — rework feed rates and chiploads and so forth as appropriate.

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