Updated! My DXF, SVG, etc collection

(Gene Gore) #1

Fellow Makers,

Open the google drive link below to access files that I’ve either found on the net or created. I will continually upload new content to this folder, so save it to your drive if you have an account. Sharing is caring…

Most of these I do not own the rights to, so use at your own risk for commercial purposes.

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Google Drive folder
The file cache

Crossbows and Catapults
Where to get DXF files
(Tim Foreman) #2

You can’t fool me! This is just a scam to try and make me create more stuff!

Thanks for sharing.

(Gene Gore) #3

One great maker told me once, “If you’re not making, you’re dying.”

(nick) #4

good stuff right here except all i see is navy lol I’m just busting on you but seriously thanks for some good stuff

(John England) #5

Thanks for sharing this!

It would be nice to start a repository that we could all contribute to. I know I have a small collection of dxf files I could add.

(Scott Conant) #6

Noooooooooooooooo!!! More stuff I wanna cut!!! :laughing:

Thx Gene!! :smile:

(William Adams) #7

We’ve been collecting some things on the Shapeoko wiki:


The major repository for CAD stuff seems to be grabcad.com — but most of the files I’ve looked at there have needed commercial software.

(Gene Gore) #8

Lol, I’m an Army veteran and this was for friend. I haven’t had a chance to vectorize the other branches.

(Gene Gore) #9

Let me change the settings on the drive and allow anyone to add files.

(Gene Gore) #10

No problem, have fun!

(Gene Gore) #11

I have an idea… since you guys at carbide3d have commercial software, why not set up a virtual computer that runs x software and allows forum members to use it?

I’m not sure if that’s against the software license, but hey… its worth a shot.

(William Adams) #12

I doubt that any commercial license would allow that.
For my part, I prefer open source.

(Gene Gore) #13

Ok, anyone with the link can edit…

(mark robinson) #14

Thank you Gene :slight_smile:

(John England) #15

That’s great, Gene. I’ll add some stuff when I get home tonight.

Don’t ask, but I keep wanting to call you Obi Wannabe Kenobi (I think I’ve been working too hard today) :grin:

(Gene Gore) #16

Lol, I’ve been called way worse…

(mark robinson) #17

Just replying here to bring it back to the top of the forum,some of the new owners may want to see the huge collection that was donated. Thanks again @Wannabe_Maker

(Gene Gore) #18

updated with new content

(Stacy Boncheff) #19

I am not sure but I think somehow I managed to move most of your files on your google drive to mine instead of copying them. Would you please look at your files and see if they are all on your shared information or if it simply doesnt show to me what you have on yours if they are the same on mine drive.

If I screwed something up, I sincerely apologize. Not sure how that happened, I should not be able to add, move, delete etc. from your specific information but it looks on my side like I did it.

Again sorry for the inconvenience if that is the case.

(Gene Gore) #20

Yeah, they’re all missing. See if you can copy them back to my drive via downloading from your drive and dragging and dropping to mine.

I kept the permissions open to allow people to use and organize this fielder as a community.