Using Easel designs and gcode

(F B) #1

I used Easel for creating g code for the first time to use on my shapeoko 3 XXL today. I wanted to report no issues with the gcode other than needing to increase the stepover. I ran it through carbide motion without issue. One note: the easel gcode does not ask you to insert the correct bit. You hit run and it goes. When you choose to do roughing in one pass and detail in another, it generates 2 sets of gcode which is nice.

I think the most attractive part of using easel is the ability to use someone else’s design. Inventables allows anyone to share their files and they are stored in one place. There are tons of premade designs on there website. Something like that for carbide create would be great, as opposed to searching the forums and wiki for everything. A community design library would be awesome.

(William Adams) #2

There has been a lot of discussion on this here — it’s faintly embarrassing how many different project galleries we’ve accumulated, so I feel a bit bad about even mentioning the possibility of yet another, but, I do have a domain I haven’t done much with, which might be well suited for this.

I was thinking I could launch it as a Kickstarter, with an associated book, since I know book publishing better than anything.

Or, everyone could just post their designs and source files to:

Shapeoko-specific project/furniture designs
Launching another project gallery site
(Jim Amos) #3

I have not spent much time at all with the Easel tool-chain… It does have some very cool features I’d like to leverage (tiling for example)…, thanks for posting

(F B) #4

The nice thing about easel is that it’s just there and works. With CC everyone may share a different file type. svg,dxf,c2d, etc… And converting between them or modifying them depends on your software etc… The flexibility makes standardizing difficult.

(William Adams) #5

Everyone using Carbide Create can share a .c2d file, so on that basis, it’s pretty much the same as Easel, save that one has to choose to share, decide where to upload, and then make the effort to publicize the upload.

(James Turk) #6

could you please give me a little more info on running easel through carbide motion. I have had good luck with carbide create but want to try some different things that it doesn’t offer.I looked into Inkscape and I was totally lost! I’ve been getting a little discouraged trying to figure all of this design stuff out and someone mentioned easel and it looks just like what i need to try some different things that carbide can’t do. any advise would be greatly appreciated.

(F B) #7

You can use the easel app for design, and then export the gcode under the “advanced machine settings”. You can then load that gcode file into carbidemotion.

To be fair, I do any real “design” in autocad, and import and tweak in carbidecreate or easel. I have experience with autocad so designing within it was much more straightforward to me.

(Todd Bove) #8

can anyone provide some instructions about how to correctly increase the stepover rate? i have a shapeoko 3 coming next week and want to run easel on it… just looking to make setup as simple as possible… will this most likely be the only adjusting i will need to do in order for everything to run smoothly? i plan on using easel and exporting g code into carbide motion.