Using unsupported tooling in Carbide Create: Roundover / Cove / Radius bits

These are usually used in routers for decorative effects in wood:

but they are potentially useful for joinery:

They are also useful for rounding off parts to allow rotary motion as for a hinged lid.

Unfortunately, Carbide Create does not support this endmill geometry — but using the new support for previewing a V endmill when used in a No Offset Contour toolpath, it should be possible to preview them w/ confidence by stacking a series of V endmill cuts.

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Another source for these is Amana:

which has the advantage of providing rather more detailed information, in particular the tip diameter:

which allows one to set up a tool w/o the need for a test cut.

I was looking at these the other day and with a simple properly spaced grid could make for a nice soft “pillowy” background effect. like a nice tray of milk buns or somehting :stuck_out_tongue:


To get a preview of how the tool will cut, draw up such a tool in profile (or import the DXFs):

The tool drawn above is:

With a profile in place, it is simply a matter of matching up various V endmills at appropriate depths:

(depicted are 30, 60, 90, 120, and 150 degrees)

This also brings up the fact that one could make such cuts using a series of V endmill and then sand to the desired profile.

Once the geometry which we wish to use is drawn up:

we position various V endmills relative to it:

and then draw the line for the contour toolpaths:

and create a group for the V endmill toolpaths:

and then assign the various V endmill toolpaths cutting to the appropriate depths:

until one arrives at:

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Here’s a lid which uses this technique:

three_dollar_box - lid - offset roundover.c2d (501.2 KB)

which can be used on:

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The fit and appearance of the lid w/ the roundover tooling is much better:

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