V Bit CarvingQuestions?

I am pretty new to the Shapeoko, and am trying to figure out V-Carving. I am using a 60 degree bit and getting weird results. I attached a photo for reference but I do not seem to be getting straight lines when the Vector is straight. If anyone can point me in the right direction I would appreciate it. Things I have tried are:

-adjusting the height of the cut
-adjusting the diameter of the bit in the tool settings
-adjusting the angle degree of the bit in tool settings

I am wondering if there is just something I am unaware of. I appreciate any response!

Chances are your v-bit is not actually 60deg or you are entering the parameters into your CAM software (Carbide Create) incorrectly.

Other thing to check is that your router has no wiggle in it from the V-Wheels being loose.

How does the preview compare to how things are cutting?

If it doesn’t match, check the machine mechanically.

Maybe it is deflection, try to run the same toolpath a second time to see if it corrects the cut.

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What do you mean by this?
Setting zero too low (because of a flat on the tip of the V-bit) and stock that’s not flat can cause this.

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Thanks for the input everyone!

I don’t think it’s deflection because I have tried running the path again several times and the cut remains the same.

As for adjusting the zero, I mean raising the Z-axis and lower on many different tests, to make sure that I had the correct Z-Axis… I tried both higher and lower. Lower made the problem worse, higher did not seem to effect too much, with maybe slight improvement.

I will have to double-check the wheels for the router to make sure they are tight. I will also check the preview to see how it looks, but I think it looked fine there.

is also worth watching to see if any if the issues look familiar
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Wow, well WillAdams, you gave me a great thing to check, as the preview matches the cut it is making. Can anyone explain to me why this would happen? I simply created two squares, one 1 inch and one 1.5 inch, and had the v-carve cut the line between out. Could this be because my bit is only 1/4 inch in diameter? I appreciate any further insight on this!

Carbide Create?
You’re maxed out there with width. Literally no room for error or bit dimension variations.
Try 1" and 1.375" squares

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Please see:

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