V Carve Depth of Cut in Create

Does anyone have a good way to modify depth of cut (DOC) for V Carving in CC? My current project is only .26" thick and the bit is going through in large “vacant” areas. Thanks.

Carbide Create doesn’t have a facility for this — you have to inset the geometry and then cut that.

This is documented at:

If you’ll put up the file we can walk you through that.

Your real problem is the angle of your bit is too steep - use a “flatter” v-bit. If you change the depth of cut you won’t get the extents properly into your paths.

Awesome thanks. Working like a charm. Sometimes I forget that a big part of the milling process is what you put into the programs…crap in, crap out.

Yeah, the great thing about CNC is that the machine when working properly will perfectly execute the correct instructions which you provide it.

The awful thing about CNC is that the project will only come out correctly if one gets everything correct from beginning to end: design, CAM, stock preparation, clamping, installing the endmill and being sure the machine is in good working condition before beginning, setting zero relative to the stock, managing the cutting so that dust and debris doesn’t interfere, any tool changes or stock manipulation — any mistake or error or misalignment will be reflected in the final outcome.

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I just lie to the software during set up in carbide create .
Carbide create Doesn’t-give you an option to set death when doing V carve CNC operations therefore all I do is lie to the software during set up and tell it it’s not as thick as it actually is . As the depth is automatically set and determined by carbide create via your stock thickness I just tell it it’s a lot thinner than it is if I want a shallow cut also using a 90° V bit will give you the shallowest cut it works for me



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Awesome, thank you! I’ll give it a shot


This is a cool site for setting offsets for desired depths. I think I have figured it out finally