V Carve Depth of Cut

Does the setting for the thickness of the material have anything to do with the depth of cut when using V Carve.

I am using the standard tool #301 setting for my cutting. Wonder if i could duplicate the #301 tool settings to a new tool like #301D and then change the Angle per Side or Diameter setting to fake the software out to force a shallower cut. Seems i read somewhere the higher the angle the shallower the cut. Maybe set it to look like a 120 degree bit, would be 60 degrees per side.
Just a thought.

The less acute the angle of the bit the shallower it will cut so a 60 will cut deeper than a 90 and a 90 will cut deeper than 120.

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If using Carbide Create the machine will cut as deeply as it needs to to cut to a given width:



Another thing i might try is to zero out the Z axis a little bit above the top of the work piece. That should have the same effect and reduce the depth of cut.

That will affect the appearance, and you will lose the smaller details.

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Thanks, That’s what i thought. With what im cutting it shouldnt be a problem


Very nice. How did you curve the welcome letters and the design?

I used a V Carve bit, 90 Degree by .5 inch for everything

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