V Carve Inlay Best Bit

Is is better to use a 60 degree or 30 degree VBit … and then what are the best settings and speed to get a smooth cut.

(I’m working on a tutorial on this but it’s not ready)

30 degree will be better IF you are sure the angle is really 30 degrees and not 29 or 31 …
(some cheap “ebay bits” are… eh… approximate there)

To get a smooth cut what I do is to limit the depth of cut for the V-bit… and then run a 2nd advanced VCarve pass (but without the area clearing) at higher F&S for the exact design… in theory that would cut only air (hence higher F&S) but it’ll clean up any small issues


For a larger inlay I like the 60 degree Groovee Jenny down cut bit. The 60 degree gives you a wider gluing surface (depends on depth). The Groovee Jenny cuts cleanly compared to a #302 or a Freud 60 degree I have that have a straight cutting edges.

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as for settings, I put a screenshot of mine in the tutorial

as well as a close up picture of how tiny a 20 degree point ends up being compared to a 60 degree bit

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