V carving without Advanced V carve

So, here is my conundrum. I need to V carve a thing but it will end up being cut on a machine that won’t work with Advanced V carve. So My thought was to do two separate tool paths, one that does the V carve along the outline, but with the bottom clearing option un-checked. Then to come back and do a separate pocket operation. The customer has specifically requested that the sides be sloped because its a mold being made. When I run the pocket operation it makes the sides 90 deg. I played around with doing offsets and whatnot, but i don’t think that is the right answer.

So my question is how do i clear the internal portion while still leaving the border V’d. ive attached a couple of screen shots to help illustrate what im seeing. please disregard the projected times, the feeds and speeds are not adjusted.

Any help would be greatly appreciated

Use a utility to split the G-Code:

Or add geometry so as to do separate V carving and pocket toolpaths:

Look for the user fenrus, he has a utility to split the tool paths up. I have seen him talk about it on the forum.

That was in the first link that Will posted. If this solves my problem it will be the magic that I have been looking for. Fenrus is a damn genius!

Why can’t the machine do an advanced Vcarve?

I imagine the machine has no tool change support as that appears to be a requirement for CC’s Advanced VCarve.

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