Vcarve 11 and post prosessor for bit setter

Having had my shapeoko xl close to a year and using CC and CM for by designs, the machine is rock solid , stable and works perfectly. I have advanced to needing more capacity in design and cut options.
I have a bit setter and recently in the last three weeks received my Vcarve 11.
I have read several options on carbide community as to working the post processor/ bit setter with vcarve, but I would love a step by step instruction as to how this is done. I’m a bit concerned without instructions, I would muck up my machine and cause more issues than desired. If you can refer me to such I would be very appreciative.

Get @neilferreri’s post processor

and then this should help you to get it installed:

If this is not clear enough just ask (I did not upgrade to v11 yet though)

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Hopefully I’m reading this right otherwise my reply is invalid

Top right of program
Go to machine and download your machine information from the cloud
You will have two choices of post processors to choose from
Once that is done set up your bit setter per the instructions on carbide create

OK, assuming that the two files are either inch or metric post processors for Carbide Shapeoko 3 XL version, how do I know if this one support the bit setter?
There is two options also “Default” and “Carbide shapeoko”- I am concerned as some of the posts mention modifying the post processor?

Did you install the one from the link @Julien posted?

I don’t know whether the Shapeoko post processor that Vectric11 installs “from the cloud” has bitsetter support or not, but Neil’s sure does (and last year it seems to me that Vectric was providing Neil’s post as a reference to anyone who asked about bitsetter support, so I bet by now they must have included that feature in their own version).

To double-check:

  • either upload the PP file that you installed (it must be stored somewhere under the PostP folder in the Application Data Folder), and we’ll check it
  • or generate a g-code file involving two or more different tools, and check that: if you find as many “M6Txx” in the file as the number of tools, you are good to go.
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You have to find and install a post processor that has tool change in it’s title. Sorry, don’t remember where I got mine

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