VCarve Desktop to Carbide Motion

I just purchased Vcarve Desktop. I was hesitant to purchase it because of the price and Carbide Create does a fantastic job. The big reason why I pulled the trigger is because of how long it takes to cut when using Advanced V Carve. Appears to be an issue that i hope will be resolved in future releases. Here - Advanced V Carve Slow at Times - #22 by Rdevine

I notice when trying to export the gcode that it has an issue with exporting multi-tool projects. I think thats because it doesnt know if your Shapeoko has a bitsetter or not. Is there a way to export/edit the gcode to have it work? I saw the post, How to set up the BitSetter with Vectric Products, but didnt understand what it was addressing.

You need to install a post processor which supports tool changes.

Please see:

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