VCarve Inlay Depth Question

Giving inlays a go for the first time and I can’t get the inlays to fit tight, without huge gaps. I think my problem is with the depth settings. All the tutorials I’ve watched show different software with “start” and “flat” settings, which I know are different than CC.

I’m using a font with smaller details, so on the female portion I use advanced vcarve with a 30⁰ bit for both toolpaths. Takes a little longer but I dont have a bit setter and changing bits/re-zeroing z is a huge pain. Start depth of 0 and max depth of .2. It turned out perfect, with a nice pocket.

For the male portion, I’m using the exact same toolpath settings and bit. I’ve tried several start and max depth setings and none have worked. I’ve read some say the start and max should equal the original max total. Some have said cut it in half for each. Some even say use vcarve for the female and pocket for the male. Lots of opinions.

Can someone point me in the right direction on what my start and max setings should be for the male inlay? I appreciate it.


I struggled with vcarve inlay. The male should have a start depth of .1". The reason is the make inlay slightly smaller in width than the female pocket with the start depth of .1". You may need to vary this with 30 Degree bit.

I made the female pocket .2" max depth. The male inlay should have same .2" max depth. If you start at top of material and .2" max depth the inlay will just barely insert in pocket.

See my post Vcarve Inlay Oak and Cherry

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