vCarve Inlays with... vCarve Desktop! Details and discoveries

Yes. The point was that the start depth is not for this purpose. It is a fudge used to create the effect of a larger pocket…

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I realize I am dredging up an old topic here but I am also having issues with the inlay process. I tried following the instructions in this video but extrapolating for Carbide Create and my inlay piece was too large to fit into the recess. A portion would fit near the top of the design, but then the lower part would not. I did clean up the leftover shavings. I think I followed the logic on start and then flat vs max depth correctly but it still didn’t pan out.
The settings from the video vs mine:

You probably can’t tell much from this, but the left is the toolpath for the base and the right is the inlay. I did validate the scale of the logo is identical between the two.

Any ideas? I have been contemplating VCarve from Vectric but thought I could get this to work in Create.