Vee bit depth issues


Hoping some one can give me a hand. Trying to do some lettering with a 60 Degree vee bit, But every time I go to start the Job it does not touch my stock. I set the Zero (x,y,z) in the corner with a 202 ball then swtich out. I have just tried a Z dept zero. I can’t think of what else to try. If you have any advice it would be very much apricated.

If I’m understanding correctly, you’re setting zero on the z axis with 1 but, and switching out to the 60 degree bee bit. Correct me if I’m wrong on that :joy:. If so, I’ve done that multiple times and it’s just a matter of tool stick out. You should just have to go back to your zero location and go down on the z axis a bit. I’m rather new so I might have misunderstood the problem or not explained well. Hope this helps!

If you didn’t set zero after changing the tool, that’s what will happen. Vcarve is VERY sensitive to a perfect Z-zero.


I went back and tried it again, but this time I set my zero on the corner with a 201 bit. Tried to do some simple line cuts and it will not hit the stock. Not sure what the hell I am doing wrong. Any advice

Do you have a Z-Plus? How much endmill stickout do you have? Is the carriage bottoming out when making the cut?

Do you have a spoilboard?

In order to cut you have to ensure that your origin as set in the file matches how you are setting it relative to the stock and that the machine can move mechanically as deep as it needs to make the cut in question.

If you continue to have difficulty please post a .c2d file, generated G-Code, step-by-step notes on how you are securing your stock and setting zero relative to it and we will do our best to puzzle things out with you.

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Set the zero while using the bee bit. Different bits stick out different lengths, and that’s probably what’s happening here. Best of luck!!!


Wait is this your first cut? If so does the bit hit the stock when you zero? Or is it just above it?

No its not my first cut, but its driving me nuts. Today ill be showing what I am doing step by step. Hopefully someone sees what I am doing wrong.

Any chance that you have the settings to read from the bottom instead of the top? I accidentally did this and the spindle would just carve out air.

I tried it but when I look at the simulation of my project, it looks really distorted. But haven’t tried cutting like that yet.

Here is my project, for the sake of time I just did the toolpath portion. I create all my tool paths and once I complete them, I go back and disable two of them and then create a G code for the first one. After that I do the same for the next two. I looked at setting the cut from the bottom but made my project look bad in the sim, so left it at the cut from the top. If you see something I am doing please let me know.

Did you modify the geometry so that the areas cut away for the stripes are left where there is text?

I would suggest starting with a simple thing cut in scrap — have you done any of the tutorials at:

If you continue to have problems please post a .c2d file, generated G-Code, Step-by-step notes on how you are securing your stock and setting zero relative to it, and a photo showing a failed attempt at cutting and we will do our best to work through this with you. Send to if you don’t wish to share the file.

I did not modify the geometry at all, besides doing the Boolean that I have done before. The Pledge Flag.c2d (3.8 MB) please if you see anything let me know.

These two pictures are from one of my attempts to cutt. One is trying to cut a strip and one is from trying to carve writing.

Hi @Solanoo12000,

How are you zeroing exactly ? (manual touch off, probe, bitsetter involved ?)

You don’t need to run the project even partially, you should first zero normally (in the lower left corner of your stock right?), and then manually jog to other locations across the stock, and jog down to the surface and verify whether you are at Z=0.0 there. If not, either your zeroing is incorrect, or your stock is uneven (this is a large piece of stock and there could be significant height differences between where you zeroed and elsewhere on the stock)

If the zeroing is ok but the flatness is the problem, you could do a surfacing pass on your whole stock, rezero, and then run your file.

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This caught my eye: I looked at setting the cut from the bottom but made my project look bad in the sim, so left it at the cut from the top. If you see something I am doing please let me know.

Are you using a touch probe to zero? If so are you placing it on top or hanging it off the edge in the lip?

The last post you made looks like you roll your machine into the driveway, is this correct? If so are you sure the bed of the machine isn’t twisting?

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I’m afraid that that is correct. Carbide Create does not properly preview V carvings if origin is at bottom of stock.

I use a probe to Zero. I have tried zeroing with the x,y,z and just z. I checked my stock and its very even. I will try jogging over to another portion of my stock and check my zero.

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I am using a touch probe, I have used it on the x,y,z by placing it on the corner edge and also just the z by placing it on top of the stock.could my probe be off?

Not as long as it grounds. Is the bit tight in the collet? Is the collet worn.