Vertical joinery on the HDM

Evidently some of the other Shapeoko models have some reach in front of the bed to do this. Does anyone know if this is possible on the HDM and if so how much milling you can do distance wise.

Not in front. I would say it might overhang half an inch. But if you build your bench right, you can remove some of the pieces of the hybrid bed an HD drop it thru.

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Mine doesn’t overhang at all. The center of the spindle stops right at the edge of the wasteboard.

That said, vertical joinery is problematic — for a box you need multiple operations:

  • cut to length (and width if need be)
  • mount 4 boards on the machine, 2 horizontal, 2 vertically so as to cut 2 joints — repeat for the other two corners

If you’re not committed to exposed joinery, it is possible to cut a blind miter w/ hidden box joints w/ parts flat on the machine:

A bit of a shame. I don’t know that I’d miss it enough to alter the bed.

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This one can be cut flat, and with a 45° fixture.



Cuts flat w/o a fixture:

As others mentioned the HDM does not not have a lot of overhand. However you can increase the configuration until the machine hits its mechanical limits. C3D has defaults in CM for each model. These defaults usually have a little wiggle room for you to increase the length just dont go past the mechanical limit.

The original Shapeoko would cut off the front a few inches because of the offset of the router hanging off the front of the Z axis. Plus C3D could advertise a larger cutting area than the confines of the machine base. The HDM still has the router/spindle offset but because of the linear bearings there is not the same amount of room in front when the mechanical limits are met as opposed to a Shapeoko 3.

As others mentioned you could remove part of the spoil board and mount through the spoilboard if you have room under the machine to do that.

How do you do the 45°s? Small angled bit?


Yes, 90 degree V endmill — on that particular file a 1/8" from drillman1 on eBay.

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