A different sort of box

Building from a couple of different ideas[1][2], and giving up on the perfection of void-free, and limiting tools to a reasonable number (2), I have arrived at:


which allows one to cut out a box in 2, 3 or 4 operations:

  • bottom (cut to size)
  • top (cut to size) — possibly combined w/ the bottom
  • front/back and one or both sides (repeat once for 2 operations if need be) — this will cut the joinery blind box joints and miter as well as feature for lid, bottom, and a relief cut to ease sawing the lid off

using only two tools:

  • a small endmill
  • a narrow V endmill

Questions include:

  • is there a source for 3/16" diameter 90 degree V endmills suitable for wood? Other sizes? (possibly, see below)
  • would the improved aesthetics of the miter only showing justify the added complexity of multiple V endmill passes at the top/bottom? Note that it’s pretty simple to add this afterwards
  • are the dogbones small enough that the slight bit of them which will show along the inside of the box be okay? Would folks choose to line the boxes? The alternative would be a Tee which would not show, but would increase the volume of the voids



(for more on that design see: Adjustable Modular Designs - Design into 3D )

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In case anyone wishes to experiment with this:

Here’s a .c2d file which shows the concept:

all joints_0_25_x_3_5_sawnlid.c2d (139.5 KB)

A quick search on endmills reveals:

a 1/4" Amana endmill:

2-flute tools in a variety of diameters:

drill-mills in a couple of diameters:

and a source for 1/8" drill-mills at what seems a very reasonable price:

Final steps are preparing a file for cutting.

New version at:


Which adds a “Generate DXF” option which renders as:

(and needs to have the V miter area added to the joint area, hang on)

Next up, exporting to OpenSCAD, re-working the file to use the Customizer, adding quality controls, and seeing how it looks when pulled in to Carbide Create.

The OpenSCAD file seems to render well:

Blind mitre square fingers.zip (2.0 KB)

Imports as expected:

and once toolpaths are assigned, previews as expected: