Vertical workholding contraption

Is anyone aware of whether there is a commercially available device (either plans or an actual device) that screws into the existing Shapeoko Pro nuts?
I want to make some box joints which don’t have gaps (hence the need to hang my workpiece vertically).
I am aware of a few discussions but not aware of whether successful contraptions exist.
An ancillary question is whether anyone has discovered the best tenon/mortice tweaks for a tight fit. In other words, if I am doing 1/2 inch tenons, would the mortices need to be 1/64th wider? I work in metric so same question can be answered in mm.

Hi Patrick

Can you drop me a DM with some details and pictures of what you are looking to achieve with the project?

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I use a “kiss” fit where things are cut to the ideal size – usually they “just fit” (but calibrate first if using a belt-drive machine)

and have done mortise and tenon:

as well as various other joinery designs — in particular, blind miter box joints which do not require a fixture:

If you’ll let us know the specifics of a box design:

  • dimensions — height, width, depth
  • stock thickness
  • desired features: lid, &c.

and if you’re willing to purchase a narrow V endmill which matches a smaller endmill such as our 1/8" #102 I’ll gladly walk through working up a design with you.

Not commercial, but I put a design up on Cutrocket:

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Look on youtube for the jig made by John Clark, it may not be what you want but it’s worth the visit.