VFD Spindle Calibration

I’m setting my RPMs in Fusion 360 to 20,000. When I run a job, the controller says roughly 18,330. Is there a way to calibrate the controller?

Hi @kehoe,

If you are using a Third-party VFD and spindle, this is usually done by a combination of tuning VFD parameters (each model does it slightly differently, but they all have “calibration” parameters to setup how they map a given input voltage to a given control frequency to the spindle phases) and tuning the Shapeoko controller’s GRBL parameters (see this thread for example)

This being said, unless you are cutting metal, it probably does not matter much that you are 10% off, wood and plastics are very forgiving with regards to the chiploads that one can use)

If you are using the C3D spindle/VFD, I would advise to talk to support for advice (I have no clue what the normal RPM tolerancing is on a C3D spindle, mine is spot on)

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Support it is. Thanks for the response.

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