Voltage - is it worth messing with?

(Vince) #1

The grbl boards can take a 30volt input max but we run 24 volts.

What benefits could we see increasing the voltage? Will stepper max rpm and tq be effected? If so how much.

What could be the possible negatives? Will the board need active cooling flowing more juice?


(mikep) #2

Done that.
More torque. Everything else is the same.


(Vince) #3

Awesome, that’s a step in the right direction. Did you have to change anything else or just the power supply?

Been doing some research on smaller degree steppers to try to increase resolution and it was said you would lose tq. This might be a way to even the playing field!

Thanks for the info!


(mikep) #4

I upped the voltage, essentially no useful change. I switched to a different stepper with more torque, and got some more torque. That was a positive improvement. Then I switched to an UNO R3 with a GRBL board and external stepper drives with 48v power supplies. That made a much bigger difference. Strangely, also ran significantly quieter which I didn’t expect. Better acceleration (enough to break belts), gobs or torque. Switched to kevlar belts and thats not a problem any more. I just got a SuperGerbil board, working to set that up now. I’m spectacularly unhappy with the keyestudio grbl board, and when I started looking for a replacement I got distracted…supergerbil seems to have a whole lot of activity, which grbl doesn’t, requires different hardware but can be run by any grbl compatible sender and it got my attention more than a better grbl shield for the UNO.


(Vince) #5

Ive read that thread more than a few times! Just wondered if there were any low hanging fruit mods so to say and keep it as stock as possible.

Funny enough I just picked up one of those to, specs looks really good on paper. Doesn’t hurt to have 5axis capable in the future either


(mikep) #6

The steppers were good, but not great. For $45, was cheap, and did make a difference.

Board is up and running, was a quick update from the non-carbide3d board I was using.

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