Waste board not level

(Joshua Jordan) #1

I just got my Shapeoko XL up and running and I believe the waste board isn’t level… I attached a photo but it appears to be cutting deeper on one side. Im using double sided tape evenly to hold down 1/16 acrylic sheet.

How do I remedy this?


(Julien Heyman) #2

Hi Joshua,

You will need to surface your wasteboard (= shallow pocketing across the whole surface, ideally with a fly cutter, but a 1/4" endmill will do).

Alternative if you are in a hurry: take a piece of MDF a little larger than your acrylic stock, attach it on top of your wasteboard and surface it, then install your acrylic on top: it should be level (and you can then take your time to explore the various options to surface the whole wasteboard or use a supplementary wasteboard)


(William Adams) #3

please see:

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(Joshua Jordan) #4

Thank you so much! @WillAdams @Julien


(Bob zambron) #5

Tips on using different bits. What different bits are used for when designing a project. Adjusting depth of cuts. How to make designs. Example you have a flag and want to add text or a emblem to it. Steps to complete it. You guys helped me out in doing just that. But would be nice to have a place where some hits could be found on how to do it. Any other beginning tips that older users take for granted.


(William Adams) #6

(Joshua Jordan) #7

That did the trick! @WillAdams


(Robert Strobl) #8

Wow, I am impressed! Great job and idea.


(Lance Grucela) #9

@joshjord what material(s) did you use for the faceplate?? I’ve got an amp that has been sitting unfinished because I need to make a faceplate (silver jubilee clone) and it’s at the top of my list once I (finally) finish getting my XXL all set up with hold downs and dust collection…


(Joshua Jordan) #10
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(mikep) #11

Interesting place, all sorts of neat stuff…


(Guy Donham) #12

I think it is cool that you made the notches go to 11. Everyone knows that 11 is louder than 10.

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(john@gieses.com) #13

look up Winston Moy on you tube. he has great videos on the Shapeoko 3

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