Wasteboard drawing/sketch/CAD?

Anyone know if there’s a drawing somewhere already of the wasteboard layout of a Pro XL? (or XXL, can adjust it).

I’d like to throw in in F360 and run a surfacing operation to get rid of the areas that I can’t touch at the edge of the machine. In otherwords,

Step 1 - machine the edges of the 2nd-most outer strips such that they are maybe ~1mm proud of the aluminum extrusion.
Step 2 - swap the strips with the outside ones.
Step 3 - level whole spoilboard.

Then going forward, any spoil board surfacing, I never need to worry about the outside edges being taller.


workable for your needs?

Still need to measure out all the locations I think

I might go low tec on this - take out the outer MDF’s and just rip them on the table saw with them vertically, making a big rabbit cut essentially :slight_smile:

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