Wasteboard for Pro XXL

I’m looking to replace the wasteboard however Carbide 3D is and has been out of stock. I’ve seen plenty of files to cut them but also have a few of the T Track’s that I need to replace. Does anyone on here know of a solution? Thanks Mike

I think Will had a post about using the machine to cut board files.
For the extrusions, reach out to support with pictures and we’ll see what we can do.

Thank you Josh for the fast reply


Probably easier/better to use the new Tiling feature if you have Pro, or just pull one which is in good shape and use it as a template to make the replacement.


Thanks as always Will, do you have any idea when you will have the T track in stock?


No idea. Check with sales@carbide3d.com

To be clear you have the shapeoko pro, correct?
If so, this is a kit for the shapeoko 3. If you ran into the slots on the pro, I’m not sure we have a store part for that yet.


This worked for me.


Will, thank you for the PVC solution. I wish I’d known about this sooner. Looks amazing and is way better than MDF.


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