Way to disable "Did you change the tool?" messsage

I just got a bitsetter for my 3 XL.

I use quick actions a lot. Just like everyone else, I alos use the jog screen a lot.

Every single time I switch from the Run screen (where the quick actions are) to the Jog screen, I get the exact same question every single time.

“Hey did you change the tool?”. The answer, OF COURSE, is no, because I can read, and I know I’m supposed to push the button before I change the tool.

The message is annoying, intrusive and useless once I’ve seen it once. Even worse, it actively trains the users to ignore messages, because the the correct behaviour is to ignore the message!

‘Esc’ works to make it go away at least, but it’s still tedious.

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Even worse - Switch to the ‘Run’ tab, hit the ‘Tool Change’ button to do its thing, now switch to another tab.

The message still comes up! Even if you do everything right, it’s still asking you if you did it wrong!

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It’s certainly just a “click it to make it go away” thing after the first couple of times it happens.

I’m not sure why it is where it is. I would have thought that changing the tool during jogging would be more likely than elsewhere.

As it is, you initialize the machine, it asks for a tool to be inserted, does its thing to measure the tool, and then to proceed further it asks you if you inserted a tool inappropriately. Curious plumbing.

I still maintain that all that is required is a appropriately coloured fixed-position indicator or status to say “it is not safe to change the tool” or “it is safe to change the tool”.

The problem is that the 'Quick Actions" are on the Run screen, and I use them a lot. When I switch back to the Jog screen, up pops the message again.

When the Beta first introduced this message, I asked to have it removed. Rob reasoned that he was between a rock and hard place in that the folks who were complaining about the sequence for changing bits with the bitsetter - who were having problems - were pretty loud and plentiful. The end result was to leave it in so that they’ve done all they could.

I had recommended they have a check box on every message dialog that says, “Don’t show this to me again” and then have a “Reset” in the Settings panel to bring he messages back. This is the way Photoshop, and many other software packages, work.

I’ll try to find the thread and reference it.


Or you could switch out of beginners mode and use a different sender than CM. Perhaps use gSender, but there are several others.

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Here is the thread with the request to “Opt Out” of the warning messages. It’s all explained in there.

Yep. Having witnessed the myriad Bitsetter issues in the forum over the past few years the need for the cautions is clear. But annoying.

An option, widely used by folks here is CNCjs.

I still have build 537 for the Pi for that specific reason - last version before they added that. Let me know if you need a copy.

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